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Social Media Marketing

Does your company have the support it needs from social media platforms? Through social media marketing (SMM), you may increase brand recognition online and forge deep connections with your clients and followers.


Social media marketing is a service offered by Logictex IT Solutions to multiple location businesses, large corporations, and small businesses. Our social media marketing experts can help you with your campaign whether you run a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation. Join with us, and allow our social media marketing company increase the integrity and recognition of your business!



Your success depends heavily on your team. You will be collaborating with a committed group of knowledgeable specialists who will be under the direction of a seasoned Director with nearly ten years of expertise in digital marketing.


High-Quality Creative

Social media images are essential for telling your brand's story and grabbing viewers' attention mid-scroll. To keep your feed interesting and visually appealing, we'll mix video, still photographs, bespoke graphics, and artwork to suit your entire social media strategy.

Social networking might appear time-consuming and erratic. And it's frequently misinterpreted. However, social media has the ability to produce actual followers who make purchases as well as brand ambassadors that promote your awesomeness. For you, we'll use our social media prowess to increase website traffic and brand loyalty.

Glad you inquired! The key to our effective social media campaigns is creating high-quality, shareable content that is original and aligned with the brand strategy of our clients. Every post we create has the aim of attracting your target audience and is based on your goals and strategy.

We maintain the creative's aesthetic appeal while giving your social copy the ideal tone. We'll adhere to your brand rules, and since each platform's audience and purpose might affect the marketing strategy, brand messaging, and art direction, we'll adjust as necessary.

Our expertise allows us to constantly create high-quality content for a variety of platforms and create a content schedule that will help your social media marketing campaigns be successful for your business.

This might vary greatly, as you might expect. However, in general, when firms use our social media marketing services, post engagement and reach immediately increase.

We typically recommend investing time in engagement and audience growth before concentrating on more bottom-of-the-funnel promotions for firms that are more focused on lead or revenue generation.

Here are some excellent factors to think about if you want a social media firm that can deliver consistent results:

  • How long has the company been in operation? Young businesses can be having difficulty establishing their basic systems and experience.

  • Did they inquire about your company's objectives? ? If they're going to be focused on delivering the outcomes you need, they should inquire about that before they bid out services for you. This is a very huge giveaway early on.

  • Who is responsible for the visuals and copywriting? This kind of job is frequently outsourced to foreign countries by low-cost agencies. Although it is inexpensive, you get what you pay for.

  • Who will be your account manager? You could be impressed with a company's customer list and case studies, but who will be your main point of contact? Are they a good listener, do they have experience, and do they fit well with your team?

  • Do they follow a well-established procedure? Do they have tools for project management, social networking, service level agreements, and standard reporting?