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Mobile App Development

We have a team of native developers available to work on mobile app projects since, in our experience, native code produces the highest-quality results. We are happy to support cross-platform development using Google's "Flutter" technology if it is crucial to your endeavor.

Comparing the development of a feature-rich website to that of a mobile app, there are certain difficulties. There are compliance standards that may apply to your software and prevent it from being accepted for sale on the App Store or Google Play Store. Knowing the most recent developments in product psychology and design patterns is crucial for making your app "stay" with consumers in the highly competitive world of apps. When developing apps with a human-first attitude, we consider all of this and put ourselves in your and your consumers' shoes.

Our team includes specialists in a range of development stacks, and we are aware of the technology that is most appropriate for various concepts and business models. As your technology partner, we are here to help you and will suggest the best tool for the task.

iOS app development

Swift programming or native iOS app development follows to Apple's standards and produces the most reliable, scalable, well-polished, and fluid final output. Due to this, we have assembled a group of experienced Swift developers that are capable of creating even the most complicated native iPhone and iPad applications.

We take care in making sure that your finished product functions as well as it does, both in the coding that is visible to you and in what goes on in the background. Most essential, as we apply your concepts, we aim for "pixel perfection." As consumers, we have high standards and are discriminating. Why should your app distinguish from others? We do this by combining the right and left sides of the brain on a multidisciplinary team that includes both designers and developers.

Android app development

The Kotlin programming language may be used to create Android apps from the ground up by Logictex native Android app developers. The greatest Android applications adhere to Google's design standards, which we apply to every Android product we develop.

To guarantee the user experience is consistent throughout the fragmented Android ecosystem, given the wide variety of Android devices in use today, it is essential to test your Android app on a range of hardware and operating systems. Our professional Android developers guarantee that your final product is magical by putting a focus on usability, adhering to the planned design, and doing frequent testing.

Cross-platform flutter app development

We've grown to be really impressed with Google's own cross-platform language, Flutter, despite the fact that many cross-platform programming languages make promises they can't keep and are often utilized by web development experts who would want to be able to provide mobile app services as well.

In order to provide our clients with a cross-platform language when a native app experience is not required, we have increased the scope of our service offering to include Flutter. We'll direct you along this route as a terrific cost-saving choice if cross-platform development is a business need or if you have a basic enough User Interface and feature stack that we feel Flutter can manage.

With Flutter, cross-platform app development, your app can be published to both the Apple and Android app stores with a single code base, cutting the time (and expense) to build it by anywhere between 30 and 50%.

Enterprise mobile app development

As an experienced company, our first step in developing a mobile app is to assess your business needs and choose the finest tech stack for the job. Is native Android or iPhone development the best option for you? Or is there a way to save expenses and distribute your solution to many devices at once by using a cross-platform mobile app or perhaps even a responsive web app?

Our team of experts will ensure that your feature set is mapped out in great detail with a detailed grasp of the price per feature that can be adapted to a budget that you establish, followed by a Logictex blueprinting and road-mapping session.

Partnering with Logictex means receiving the quality, value, and care that have made us the top-rated app company in the Southeast. Call us right now to talk about your project.

We begin by getting to know your needs. Your criteria will be clarified by the team that handles the discovery process. Our UI/UX design team will translate requirements into clickable visual designs and wireframes. You can go at the wireframes and give comments. We'll begin constructing the application in phases as soon as you provide your approval for the design.Development and testing will work together. We will release the app on the app store after it has been developed and tested.
You must select the best app development strategy depending on your needs when you want to create a mobile app for your company. In contrast to the cross-platform method, which uses a single team to create apps for both platforms, the native approach calls for distinct development teams for iOS and Android apps. The type of app and its functionality, your budget, your target market, and your desired device type are important factors to take into account when choosing between native and cross-platform development.
The price of developing an app varies on a number of variables, including the type of app, features, and design required, whether it is a consumer or commercial app, location, the complexity of the app, API integration, and other aspects.
Several variables, like the type of app, features, and design required, whether it is a consumer or commercial app, location, the complexity of the app, API connectivity, and other aspects, affect how much it costs to build an app. Mobile app size, feature set, and framework all affect how long it takes to design and create an app. Apps with a wide scope take longer to develop than complex, heavy apps with several panels and capabilities.