Course Objective

The course objective is to teach the web and graphic designing skills to candidate practically.


For Individuals who want to Learn Graphic Design and Create Inspiring Digital Art!
Get In-Depth Practical Advice from Professional Visual Artists and Become a Graphic Designer yourself

  1. Do you have an explosive urge to make beautiful and creative stuff from scratch?
  2. Are you restless by nature and get bored by sitting idle?
  3. Do you have an eye for details and the little things?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you just might be one of those exceptional people who have a talent for graphic design and digital innovation. The path to become a graphic designer is filled with hurdles and hardships but once you do overcome these, there is the joy of having created something. Something unique and one of a kind.

The LOGICTEX  Graphic Design course in Lahore is one of a kind professional preparatory course where talented people are taught to become more able and more efficient in their ambition to create good looking web art and undertake digital aesthetic projects of international standards.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidate must have basic knowledge of using internet and computing.

Course Outline Of Web & Graphic Designing

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Course Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Work and think on internet with creative mind
  • Apply every new experience with its own creativity in mind on web
  • Stop being a copy cat, just think and with own mind
  • Learn how to use the activities to generate ideas
  • style=”text-align: left;”>Join an organization as a experienced web & graphic designer

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