Logictex IT Solutions has a pool of extremely well qualified engineers and a well-equipped development center.


Offshore IT Staffing in Lahore, Pakistan

For more then 2 years Logictex IT solutions has been a trusted name for offshore support and development services. The idea of offshore staffing is getting to be progressively well known with little and medium size organizations. More organizations are setting up ‘back work places’ with representatives based offshore. Selecting offshore IT staffing in Lahore, Pakistan with Logictex IT Solutions would imply that you could without much of a stretch contract an individual (based offshore) at just about half of the expense of employing in Pakistan.

All representatives based offshore work at our office in Islamabad, Pakistan and here we give our workers all necessary facilities and standard benefits packages. You as a client are not in charge of superintendent duties, medicinal costs or some other overheads that are connected with your offshore worker. You just pay a settled month to month charge for each one devoted worker which is commonly half short of what contracting in the Pakistan.

We at Logictex IT Solutions with offshore IT staffing in Islamabad spent years for refining our dealings to make it sure that clients get the highest quality and approval from our services and we frequently look for customs to develop our models. We have a wide range of software programs, consent us to adapt variety of industries, while left over an affordable and cost-effective option for our respected clients.

Web designers

Website designers
Video Editors / Photographers
Business cards, logos, brochure, icons, and graphics designers

Mobile/Web developers & IT support

Android Developer
PHP Programmer
MS SQL/Database administrators
Networking specialists
Website support and maintenance

Customer support

Data entry / Data mining and updating
Email and marketing support

Search Engine Optimizer

Onpage experts (SEO code editors)
Offpage experts (quality link builders)
Content (webpage/ Blog / forum) & Article writers
Online business reputation managers

How our offshore IT service works

You send us your necessity, which plainly expresses the capabilities & years of experience for your new employ(s).
We will first verify whether we as of now have any employee that are accessible and are not dealing with some other projects. On the off chance that there are no employees accessible, we will make a speedy evaluation of the business sector accessibility of the individual you wish to enlist.
We will provide you setup with a quote focused around your necessities. The quote will be the month to month price/individual with 1 year contract base. Costs will ordinarily be half short of what the expense of enlisting in other companies in Pakistan. Working hours and shifts will determined at this stage.
After you confirm the rate, we then begin the enlisting procedure. You may decide to be included in the interview, on your requirements. After the exception of offer by the employee, expect 30-45 prior days he/she joins your offshore IT team. According to the company’s law, it is necessary that an employee give a minimum 30 days notice before joining any offshore team. In any case, your charging period will just begin from the day he/she joins your offshore team.

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