How to create a secure and hidden on your Android phone folder

Once the preparation of the security layer, you can add in photos, videos, and files, and just about anything else you want to download. From here it’s pretty self-explanatory in terms of adding content. But as is the case with other applications, keep in mind that downloading something that does not eliminate it from where he pulled him. You will need to delete any images that do not want to see one of the original exhibition manually.

Free application, although it supports the declaration. If you want to remove the ads and get some features more it will cost you $ 4 through the application upgrade. What you get is very good, however. This includes opening footprint, and the ability to close the application by shaking your phone, a quick picture of the offender and if someone tries to break in.

Folder Lock

Another option to consider is Folder Lock. I would recommend appearing for the premium package $ 4 if you like what you see, because most of the good features are locked behind the ban subscription is paid. It includes a private cloud, the ability to hide the icon, and panic mode smart rather than submit button to quickly switch from application to another in case you feel someone is looking over your shoulder.

Lock Folder

Folder Lock gives you a grid layout of each different type of places for you to provide the content that you want to keep private.
The interface is not exactly svelte like the other two options in the menu, but very solid feature set if you’re looking for one of the applications that are very clear about how to classify your secret content. It also does not require a subscription, a nice difference-maker in an era where virtually every service out there trying to make do with some kind of flow of monthly revenue.

And secure Note7

Finally, if you have a Galaxy Note7, and built a lot of these features in Samsung through a secure folder. You will need to log on using a Samsung account to lock the folder and even hide it from appearing on the main screen.

note7 secure folder Samsung offers secure private applications with the Galaxy folder Note7.
Samsung has put out the flames a little busy, but we had heard some grumbling that this feature can also come to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at some point with a software update. It’d be a good idea to give this draw feature, especially since the release of phones S7 in the same generation as the note.

Until then, there are some good options may be from Play Store. As always, the procedure does not fully guaranteed, so I thought hard about putting an extra copy of your passport or other sensitive material on your phone.

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