A camera is an optical instrument to capture still images or to record moving images, which are stored in a physical medium such as in a digital system or on photographic film


we are importing very strong and reliable cctv / surveillance products from Hong Kong, China and Korea. Our principals carry very reliable and depending rapport around the globe. Our teams does not compromise on quality, reliability and after tedious R&D processes we have finalize best products out of the whole availability.
Products are long lasting, technically sound and works very well in Pakistan conditions, and suits financial constraints. Over the years of successful journey, we have moved gradually from Analog to IP solutions keeping the pace and according to the need of our clients (we still provide analog (AHD-Analog High definition) surveillance solution if any client asks for). We have complete range of IP surveillance / CCTV solutions according to the need and budget. Our innovative products have special video CODEC for recording which comprises storage by 45% and save storage cost. Cameras has special features which is called ANR (Auto Network Replenishment) which is providing 24hours nu-interrupted recording even if network breaks with the NVR, cameras has internet storage and as soon as network gets back, missing recording in main storage is pushed by self-storage from cameras. Solutions also include face recognition and tracking capability.

Our cameras are equipment with latest technology. Our principals are pioneer and leader in IP video surveillance and considered to be one of the largest global player. These products are good for retail, buildings, industry, financial, education, commercial and city surveillance equipment with high-end cameras and NVR. This is an another example of consistent innovation in our product line when it comes to reliability and functionality. Our products are coupled with latest encoding and compression which is helpful is lowering storage cost. We have complete range of bullet, PTZ, doom and box cameras according to the requirement and which best suits the need according to the premises.

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