WebAssembly, JavaScript links get faster in Firefox

Mozilla’s latest beta version of the Firefox browser, Firefox Nightly, makes calls between the WebAssembly binary format and JavaScript faster, so it is easier to combine the two languages. WebAssembly can serve as a companion to JavaScript in web development, taking on performance-intensive tasks. But thus far, combining the two has been hindered by slow function calls between the two languages, Mozilla says. [ Go […]

Content Writer

We are looking for services of “Content Manager / Writer”. Candidates with experience are encouraged to apply.       Job Description We are seeking energetic & creative SEO Content Writer. The selected candidate will be responsible for creating creative and quality content for website and blogs on regular basis. Responsibilities: He/she should be able to write grammatically correct and unique blog entries for a […]

App Store Optimization Expert / ASO

Job Description We are looking for a talented ASO (App Store Optimization) expert who will be responsible for marketing  Games to get increased downloads, stable ratings and top ranking on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Essential skills: 0-1 year of experience in ASO with visible improvements in user acquisition and search rankings. Also have good experience in SEO Responsibilities: Complete ASO responsibilities of […]


Course Objective The course objective is to teach the SEO training skills to candidate practically. Introduction Marketing in the digital environment involves advertising a service out to the maximum visitors and increasing the overall reach of the product. SEO is the systematic promotion of a website/ online business through a specific method of streamlining and facilitating the search engine crawler. This also includes indexing techniques that enhance search queries and deliver the most relevant [...]


Course Objective The course objective is to teach the mobile application development skills to candidate practically. Introduction Android Application Programmer jobs are the most in demand and highly paid jobs in the IT industry. Learn to make android applications and decide to become a mobile app developer. It is the best decision you can take to make your future financially secure. Learn from Industry prevalent android application developers who are well versed in market practices [...]


Course Objective The course objective is to teach the professional web development skills to candidate practically. Introduction This LOGICTEX  PHP Course in Lahore will enable students who are already familiar with HTML (Web Designing), to build powerful web solutions. They will advance to dynamic, database-enabled, website/localhost programming and integrating applications using the open-source PHP scripting languageand MySQL database. The course broadly comprises the basics to learn programming with PHP, relational database design and operations [...]


Course Objective The course objective is to teach the basic web development skills to candidate practically. Introduction LOGICTEX  offers comprehensive web development courses in lahore to all students and professionals who wish to enhance their professional skills and hone their aptitude. If you want to learn web development, you've come to the right place. We have the most talented professionals of Pakistan working at LOGICTEX and have compiled a complete web development course as listed below [...]


Course Objective The course objective is to teach the web and graphic designing skills to candidate practically. Introduction For Individuals who want to Learn Graphic Design and Create Inspiring Digital Art! Get In-Depth Practical Advice from Professional Visual Artists and Become a Graphic Designer yourself Do you have an explosive urge to make beautiful and creative stuff from scratch? Are you restless by nature and get bored by sitting idle? Do [...]


PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it's a way of buying visits to your site. PAY PER CLICK The Best, Affordable SEM, PPC Pricing & Packages: Paid Search Google Display Network Paid Social As a professional SEM services company, we have created economical, effective, affordable SEM, PPC & Google [...]
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