Course Objective

The course objective is to teach the mobile application development skills to candidate practically.


Android Application Programmer jobs are the most in demand and highly paid jobs in the IT industry. Learn to make android applications and decide to become a mobile app developer. It is the best decision you can take to make your future financially secure. Learn from Industry prevalent android application developers who are well versed in market practices and have a firm grasp over mobile app development suites like Android Studio etc.

The course requires students to have an existing knowledge of OOP principles and to know the basic workings of the java language. The logictex  Android Mobile Apps Course in Pakistan course serves to simply familiarize the students with various tools and techniques required for creating effective android applications and making them ready for launch on the Google Play store.

Eligibility Requirements

Greater part of android application development is carried out in Java and our Android Training Course focuses on Java based application development. Basic Java programming skills are required.

Course Outline Of Android Application Development

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Course Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the existing state of mobile app development via researching existing apps
  • Meeting with industry professionals, and formulating new ideas
  • Display proficiency in coding on a mobile programming platform
  • Understand the limitations and features of developing for mobile devices.
  • Create a complete Mobile app with a significant programming component
  • Understand the economics and features of the app marketplace by offering the app for download

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