We design brands, books, products, packaging and print and interactive campaigns for scientific visionaries, education reformers, restauranteurs, best-selling authors, arts institutions, corporations, and entrepreneurs.

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LogicteX is among the list of good software houses.We are not defined by any one particular style or way of working. LogicteX believe that good design should communicate, not just decorate. This all starts with a fresh perspective and unparalleled skill – LogicteX Studio have both. From digital design and art direction to film and photography, We apply a unique approach to every project. Every idea is rooted in our client’s business so there’s no design for design’s sake, just impactful, beautiful results.


We provide professional digital marketing services to give you the best digital exposure you deserve. We strongly believe that going digital is the way forward, for any business now, and we try to reflect our beliefs through dedication in our services. We make your brand available to your potential customers at the right time and on the right screen. Our winning solutions and experience have helped many of our clients to interact and engage with their customers in a new better way.

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Going Mobile? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking and entertainment.HTML5 is the latest edition of HTML that empowers our developers to develop sophisticated light weight, robust and scale able websites/web apps and mobile apps. The stunning feature of web and mobile apps developed in HTML5 are cross-platforms compatible. Developers at logictex create impressive, cutt . . .

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Make your site Google friendly, tricks for increasing PR of the site and also optimize for other search engines.Not only we give your business an elegant online exposure, but we also make sure that your website makes the best digital presence. This is done by providing you variety of online marketing solutions.


Given the expertise and skill set of our developers, Logictex innovates an e-Commerce website that is perfect in UI/UX, a harmonious and pleasant looking web design and above all very simple navigation. We develop bespoke e-commerce websites and application which are perfectly categorized, integrate . . .

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At Logictex, we develop, validate and deploy custom-tailored WordPress solutions that are that enterprise-grade. Our WordPress development solutions cover typical to complex business models and major industry verticals. Our team of highly skilled WordPress developers have sufficient experience in Wo . . .


Logictex IT Solutions is among the list of good software houses.We are not defined by any one particular style or way of working. Logictex IT Solutions believe that good design should communicate, not just decorate. This all starts with a fresh perspective and unparalleled skill – Logictex IT Solutions have both. From digital design and art direction to film and photography, We apply a unique approach to every project. Every idea is rooted in our client’s business so there’s no design for design’s sake, just impact, beautiful results. Our clients are our first preference, it’s a collaborative relationship.We don’t just aim to solve the problem at hand, We strive to support them in owning and understanding their brand stories. Working with like-minded clients brings the best out in both of us.



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Logictex not only accommodate you in your business’ Website, we also helps you in enhancing local approach to your business.

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Our professional always ensure to make product user friendly. They also helps you to install and update the product.

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Our Developer make your product so you can easily update and manage it.

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We always ensure the client and customer’s demand. So, We always make your product in responsive design.

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Our team take responsibility and make promise to build your product according to your demand and fully customized.

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Our way of work is so simple and understandable in modern way for even a common person.

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Our professionals also ensure the versatile writing style to make your content prominent.


A great logo conveys an important message instantly. Our logo design places an emphasis on reflection of core values of your business.


Our proficiency & strong expertise in PHP web development enable us to provide excellent services at competitive prices.

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    Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which we made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by our experts.

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    Our Experts define the scope of the projects which enhance the feasibility of the project by through precised planning

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    our team is a highly specialized and they develop the product in specific manner according to the reliability of the product.

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    Launching is the most important step in the development process that require high attention. Our IT specialist are capable to launch the product in efficient way.

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No matter if you are looking for development of custom web application, or consistent online presentation, Logictex is offering professional services in every segment of digital market. We are dedicated to making your website a state of the art digital profile that can help you perform better and provide a smooth user expe

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We offer complete WordPress website design and development. From a simple brochure website to an advanced e-Commerce solution.

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Our work doesn’t stop when your website is completed. We will continue to work with you, by supporting your website and providing you with business, creative and technical support. We will be there for you..

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We design UX/UI making it perfectly align with your business objectives to create required impact on the users.

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Our clients are our first preference, it’s a collaborative relationship.We don’t just aim to solve the problem at hand, We strive to support them in owning and understanding their brand stories. Working with like-minded clients brings the best out in both of us.

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Logictex covers a wide range of technology topics, including software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers and data centers, emerging tech etc.

Google Maps highlights images of food lovers and computer stores in the next latest update BETA

September 28, 2016
If you’re on the fence about which restaurant to check out the next, perhaps a snapshot of filet mignon wrapped in bacon and lure you in. Even if the restaurant menu is adventurous and bustling crowd, and you are not guaranteed to satisfy your taste. Sometimes you just need to see how it looks like the food, because it can be the deciding factor between trying it out or go to the nearest fast food joint. The latest beta of Google Maps solves this for you, put all those uploads food lovers in an easy discovery spot. You will see a prominent section of the menu that takes you to a slide show of a sweet taste. Photos food can let you know whether it’s worth trying out this restaurant or move to another place. There is also a button to download your photos is useful if you spot something worth sharing. Add other key is a new tab under your account in the places where we are heading pulled for you according to your Gmail and Google Calendar mark. Touching any of the items to see where they are on the map. When you click on a button exceeded (three points) for each event, I was able to detail view of Gmail or Google Calendar. You can also ignore it from this screen. To check the latest goodies, make sure you have a 9:38 version of Google Maps beta version of the Play Store APK or mirror. The impact you: These new features serve as a good reminder that if you want the absolute latest features of the maps, you have to jump on the beta channel. It’s very stable and provides a good way to see what’s new before it hits the mainstream. This story, “Google Maps images stand out food lovers coming and places in your last update beta” was originally published by Greenbot.

Increase the loading speed of your website

September 28, 2016
Most people probably think that the only factor that affects the speed of a website is the Internet or the signal strength. The truth is that many factors can affect the ability of a website to load quickly – and many of them can be modified to improve the user experience when visiting site.This your own is very important because even a hint of hesitation can cause people to abandon your site. A study conducted in 2008 by the Aberdeen Group that a delay of less than one second results in a 16% decrease in overall user satisfaction and reduced 7% conversion rate. And 47% of Internet users expect that the page is loaded, even in a maximum of two seconds, with 40% of them said they would leave the site if the load time of up to three seconds. On the other hand, the study of Akamai found that 52% of people who shop on the Internet that claim fast download page will make them loyal to the site. Here are some tips on how to help reduce the loading time of your site. Simplify design Web pages are cluttered one slow loading. The site, which is heavy on graphics, styles, flash videos can seem to stop because every element has to make an HTTP request to download, and you must do it one by one. Web page minimum, such as the Google search page, load faster. If you can get it without the images, creating visual interest in a page using CSS. Will reduce the number of scripts on your web site is also to speed up loading time. Compress images Some sites, such as online retail businesses, need images. When that is the case, compression, also known as zipping, can help, reducing download times and speeding up response times. Gzip is the preferred compression format of most website designers. Make use of browser caching If an image-heavy page is fairly static, you can improve loading time for returning visitors by employing browser caching, which tells the user’s browser to access the images already stored on the user’s hard drive in cached form. Here’s a sample of the code you would use: ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault “access plus 1 seconds” ExpiresByType image/jpeg “access plus 2592000 seconds” ExpiresByType image/png “access plus 2592000 seconds” ExpiresByType image/gif “access plus 2592000 seconds” ExpiresByType txt/css “access plus 604800 seconds” ExpiresByType txt/javascript “access plus 604800 seconds” ExpiresByType application/javascript “access plus 604800 seconds” ExpiresByType txt/html “access plus2592000 seconds” # END Expire headers # BEGIN Expire headers This code will be for your .htaccess file. Resize your images Things can get slow if your site has to resize the images to fit every time it’s loaded. To fix this problem, scale your site’s pictures so that they can perfectly fit the page. A tool such as Photoshop will let you do this so that the image doesn’t lose quality.   Monitor response times Web application monitoring software such as Yslow or Google Pagespeed Tools can give you

How to create a secure and hidden on your Android phone folder

September 28, 2016
Once the preparation of the security layer, you can add in photos, videos, and files, and just about anything else you want to download. From here it’s pretty self-explanatory in terms of adding content. But as is the case with other applications, keep in mind that downloading something that does not eliminate it from where he pulled him. You will need to delete any images that do not want to see one of the original exhibition manually. Free application, although it supports the declaration. If you want to remove the ads and get some features more it will cost you $ 4 through the application upgrade. What you get is very good, however. This includes opening footprint, and the ability to close the application by shaking your phone, a quick picture of the offender and if someone tries to break in. Folder Lock Another option to consider is Folder Lock. I would recommend appearing for the premium package $ 4 if you like what you see, because most of the good features are locked behind the ban subscription is paid. It includes a private cloud, the ability to hide the icon, and panic mode smart rather than submit button to quickly switch from application to another in case you feel someone is looking over your shoulder. Lock Folder Folder Lock gives you a grid layout of each different type of places for you to provide the content that you want to keep private. The interface is not exactly svelte like the other two options in the menu, but very solid feature set if you’re looking for one of the applications that are very clear about how to classify your secret content. It also does not require a subscription, a nice difference-maker in an era where virtually every service out there trying to make do with some kind of flow of monthly revenue. And secure Note7 Finally, if you have a Galaxy Note7, and built a lot of these features in Samsung through a secure folder. You will need to log on using a Samsung account to lock the folder and even hide it from appearing on the main screen. note7 secure folder Samsung offers secure private applications with the Galaxy folder Note7. Samsung has put out the flames a little busy, but we had heard some grumbling that this feature can also come to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at some point with a software update. It’d be a good idea to give this draw feature, especially since the release of phones S7 in the same generation as the note. Until then, there are some good options may be from Play Store. As always, the procedure does not fully guaranteed, so I thought hard about putting an extra copy of your passport or other sensitive material on your phone.